We are very excited to see you all on 5th November to share our special day!

The majority of our guests will be travelling to Cape Town for the weekend of our wedding,
so we thought we would provide a bit more information to help with planning.



Saturday, 5th November, 2016
Wedding Ceremony: 3:30pm
Wedding Reception: 4:30pm


Old Mac Daddy
Valley Road
Elgin, Western Cape


The bridal party will be wearing suits so you are welcome to dress more formally if you would prefer but smart casual is fine.
Please just no shorts, crocs, fivefinger shoes or jeans! (particularly worn together).

Not sure what smart casual actually means? Check out our board!


Western Cape
Old Mac Daddy Trailor Park
Valley Road




Old Mac Daddy is about an hours drive outside Cape Town. Let us know if you would like details for a taxi company otherwise Uber should do the trick! For those guests who aren't able to stay at the venue we will look at organising cabs on the night to ensure you can get home safely.


There are a number of B&B's, guest houses and hotels in Elgin and surrounding areas. Accommodation at the actual venue is limited and we have therefore had to limit this just to family and the bridal party (who we are just about squeezing in!). The venue is booked out by us for the whole weekend so you are welcome to come early and enjoy the pool, head out on the bike trails or enjoy a glass of wine by the lake with us throughout the weekend. On Saturday the restaurant will not be serving lunch as they will be setting up the reception venue so please try and eat before you come to the ceremony unless you are ok to wait for the 4.30pm Canapés! The nearest town to Old Mac Daddy is Grabouw which has a number of accommodation options in the area.

We urge that you look to book early as accommodation in the area is likely to get booked up. 
We have provided a list below of some places to consider at a range of prices:




We know a lot of you are travelling to be at our wedding (some from very far afield!) so please do not feel obliged to give gifts. If you would like to give a gift we have registered with John Lewis in the UK and set up a registry. Given we are living in the UK we think this will be a lot easier.

Our gift registry is now live for those of you who would like to give a gift, please just follow the link below and enter the gift list number


(no password required)



Fields marked with an * are required



A lot of our family and friends have children and we think its important we are able to share the fun with them! please let us know if you are bringing your kids along and we can help ensure they are looked after. Old Mac Daddy has a fantastic playroom and outside play area and can organise babysitters (chargeable by the hour) by prior arrangement. Kids will be welcome at the ceremony and reception dinner afterwards but if you are thinking of staying for a dance you might want to organise a babysitter at the venue for a couple of hours in the evening.
There is a kids menu which we will share closer to the time so they wont go hungry either!